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We are a non-profit organization whose purpose is to raise money and donate manpower to invest in projects that conserve our natural resources and promote excellence in outdoor sportsmanship in Northeast Wyoming. We are proponents of fishing, hunting, the shooting sports, and many other outdoor activities. We place special emphasis on involving our youth and teaching them good, ethical sportsmanship and the skills to carry on our legacy.

Founded in 2013, we embrace the opportunity to promote the future of sportsmanship in field and stream. We work with conservation groups, youth groups, the Wyoming Game and Fish, the U.S. Forest Service, regional biologists, and other non-profit organizations. We proudly strive to have a voice in the management of our big game, fisheries, and small game resources in Wyoming.

Our Team

President: Katie Holden                       Secretary : Dave Tate 


Vice President: Jim Lyon                   Treasurer: Tyson Holden                                        


Board Members:   


Steve Fichter, Matt Mungiole, Kathleen Allen, Mike Robbins & Mike Loutas

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