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Over the last seven years we have had the opportunity to fund numerous projects in the state of Wyoming. Head over to the gallery to check out photos of what we've done! The impact to the youth, community, and environmental issues has been impressive and significant for the growth of sportsmanship. 

2022 WSG Backpack Program
2022 WSG College Scholarships
Hulett Family Fun Day

Wyoming Game & Fish—Trail Cameras

Wright Family Days
High School Trap League
CCSD Black Hills Youth Camp
4-H State Shooting Sports
Campbell County Predator Callers
Hulett Field Day
Hulett Rec Board
Pronghorn Archery
Boy Scout Troop
Wyoming Sportsman’s Group Family
Fun Day
4-H 40th Anniversary Celebration
Bishops-Access yes
Boy Scout Troops

Wyoming Game & Fish– Antelope
Collaring Program
Wyoming Bow-fishing Association
Youth Bowfishing Day
4-H Shooting Sports
Wyoming State Shoot

2022 Projects

2021 Projects

2021 WSG Backpack Program

2021 WSG College Scholarships

The Wyldlife Fund

Hunting with Heroes Wyoming

Wright Family Days

Sheridan County YMCA- Youth Climbing Program

Boy Scout Trooup 6051

2021 WGFD Brucellosis Raffle

4-H State Shooting Sports

Campbell County Predator Callers

Snowy Range Moose Post- Wildlife Monitoring 

Oshoto Shootout

Wyoming Bow-fishing Association Youth Bowfishing Day

4-H Shooting Sports

2020 Projects

2020 WSG Backpack Program

2020 WSG College Scholarships

I25 Clear Creek Rehabilitation

Pumpkin Buttes Mule Deer Movement

WGFD Brucellosis Raffle

Upper Powder River Mule Deer Movement

Crazy Women Cheatgrass Project

Ventenata Treatment (2nd Request)

Hulett Youth Day

CCSD Trap League Travel Expenses

Donated a Trailer for the Hulett Youth Day

4-H Shooting Sports

2019 Projects

2019 WSG Backpack Program

North Park Pond / Wetland Project

New Trap Machine / Trap House Repairs

State YHEE Prizes

Sheridan Walk In Areas Venteneta Treatment

Hardy Pipeline Project

Stockade Beaver Creek Conifer Removal II

Elk Mountain Bighorn Sheep Sight ability Project J

Razor City Shooting Complex

2019 WSG Scholarship Program

Sheridan County YMCA Kayak Fleet Replacement 

Hulett Youth Field Day

4-H Shooting Sports

Mule Deer Movement Seasonal Range

Powder River / Pumpkin Buttes Mule Deer

Upper Powder River Mule Deer Initiative

Mule Deer Area 10 Movement

Biology Scholarship

Access Yes

WGFD Brucellossis Raffle

Black Bear Behavior and Harvest Potential

Sundance High School Trap Team

Gillette H.S. Clay Target League

2018 Projects

2018 WSG Hunter Safety Backpack Program

Southern Big Horn Mountains Curl Leaf Mahogany Restoration

Upper Powder River Mule Deer Initiative

4-H Shooting Sports

2018 WSG 6 College Scholarship rewarded

Wright Days Fishing Derby

Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship

NAWEOA 2018 Conference 

Medicine Lodge State Park 

Hunting with Heroes

Council of Community Service- Hunters for Hunger

Wyoming Game & Fish Immobilization Equipment 

2017 Projects

Tent Donation to Boy Scouts

Game & Fish Aspen Growth Project

College Scholarships

Weston Pond Project

Wyoming Tactical Rifle Champion  (WTRC)

Insurance and Registration for Polestar Van

4-H State Shoot Donations

4-H Archery Equipment

4-H Shotgun Shells

Physically Challenged Bow Hunters of American Inc.

Donations to Hunters Banquet of Wright

Hunting with Heroes 

Special Operations Wounded Warrior Hunt

Veterans Day Parade/ Hats for Veterans

Hullett Gun Club Rebuild

Backpacks for Hunter Safety Course Grads

Donations to Free Fishing Day for Froggy's

2016 Projects

Donation to Chris Santisteven to attend Disabled VetGames

4-H Muzzleloaders

4-H Archery Equipment

4-H Shotgun Shells

Hullett Gun Club Rebuild

Incentive Prizes for Regional Taxidermy Competition

College Scholarships

Donation to Long Range Shoot

Hunting With Heroes

Fly Rods for prizes at Family Day

Insurance and Registration for Polestar Van

Backpacks for Hunter Safety Course Grads

Forest Service Habitat Improvement for Eastern,WY

2015 Projects

4-H Club  (Archery Equipment and Pellet Guns) 

Polestar Van Repair 

Polestar Van Insurance                                      WY Game and Fish (Stockade Beaver Creek Project)

C & F Repair -Bear Trap for WY Game and Fish                                           

BHSU Scholarship                                            Sheridan County Weed and Pest (Weed Spraying)                       

Campbell County Predatory Board (Duck Creek Predatory Management Project)

Black Elk Pond handicapped accessible fishing pier - Newcastle 

Hunters Safety Course (Backpack filled with supplies Valued approx. $100 each for students who score 90% or above on final test)

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